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Lusitano horses for sale

Teara LP black Lusitano filly born 04/22/2023 by Pirueta das Faias, multiple gold medals and graded 76.5% (by Olympic stallion Escorial SBA) and Furacao da Sernadinha, Grand Prix stallion

Teara LP

Tulum LP Lusitano foal born on 03/22/2023, by Noumea LP (72%) and Lord Plus (74.5%). Gold medalist in foal under the mother. Very large size

Tulum LP

Rivage MLH young Lusitano palomino stallion born on 08/05/2021, by Gracia PHM (77%) and Luxor da Sernadinha (76.75%).Will be around 1m68-70 (size at 3 years old : 1m65) ee Aa Crcr Nd1/Nd2

Lusitano palomino stallion

Telim LP Lusitano colt born on 07/07/23 by Estepe II da Ajuda (80.8%) and Lord Plus (74.5%). Carrier of the Pearl gene

Télim LP

MARAVILHA-Margarida LP Lusitano ridden mare born on 03/24/2016, by Camurça CSM (82% and champion of champions) and Baccarat CSM (Grand Prix stallion). Champion of yearling fillies with a gold medal in 2017 in Gesves. Tested EE Aa.1m63. Approved 73.5%

Lusitano mare

Pirueta das Faias Lusitano mare born on 01/27/2019, by Favorita SB and Escorial SB. Gold medal in Gesves in 2021 and 2022 and in Holland in 2021. Approved for reproduction with a grade of 76.5%. SOLD

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