Our Lusitano Stallions - Coverings

VENCEDOR DO RETIRO Bucksin Lusitano stallion born on 07/11/2001.  Recommanded stallion by APSL. Multiple gold medalist. Tested by Labogena Ee Aa Cr. He transmits to his products rebound, elasticity, a good back and a good rump, his exceptional character and many chic. Frozen semen available for world. Please contact us for natural covering and fresh semen

LUXOR DA SERNADINHA Bucksin Lusitano stallion born on 15/01/2015,  out of Candelaria and Campeador CSM. Tested Ee AA Crcr nd1/nd1 n/W20. Gold medalist in 2018 and 2019 at the International Championship in Gesves. Graded with 76,8%. 1m63. Frozen semen available for Europe. 

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