Our Breeding Stallions

VENCEDOR DO RETIRO born on 07/11/2001. Recommanded stallion by APSL. Multiple gold medalist. Tested by Labogena Ee Aa Cr. He transmits to his products rebound, elasticity, a good back and a good rump, his exceptional character and many chic. Frozen semen available for world. Please contact us for natural covering and fresh semen

LUXOR DA SERNADINHA born on 15/01/2015 out of Candelaria and Campeador CSM. Tested Ee AA Crcr nd1/nd1 n/W20. Futur reproductor at Stud. Gold medalist in 2018 and 2019 at the International Championship in Gesves. Graded with 76,5%. 1m63. Frozen semen available for Europe. Please contact us for fresh semen

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