Our Mares

CAMURCA CSM born on 10/03/2007, out of Victoria and Spartacus (Luis Pidwell). Recommanded mare by APSL. Approved 82%. Multiple gold medalist. Champion of mares in Portugal and Champion of champions in Belgium in 2015 and 2016. In foal of Escorial for 2020

VANILLE DE MASSA born on 01/04/2009, out of Ventania and Huno (Sylvain Massa). Approved 81%. Multpile gold medalist. Champion of champions in Belgium in 2011. Tested by Labogena Ee Aa. In foal of Jasmim Plus for 2020

JUNE DES CORBEAUX born on 16/06/2014, out of Augura and Vencedor do Retiro (Product of Lusitano LP) (sold). Gold medal at 1 year, "Grand Prix Ottelo" in Belgium in 2015 (Best lusitano born and breeded in Belgium). Tested by Labogena Ee Aa CrCr. Graded with 71,25%. In foal of Luxor da Sernadinha for 2020

Jamaica des Corbeaux born on 07/08/2014, out of Viscondessa d'acela and Campeador CSM (sold). Best foal under the mare in 2014 and silver medalist in 2017. Graded with 74,5%. 

REINE born on 30/04/2009, rode by our daughter Lucile, D sportpony out of Rebecca (Welsh) and Noir de Luxe (Deutsche Reitpony).

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