Our foals

MARAVILHA-Margarida LP born on 24/03/2016, out of Camurça CSM and Baccarat CSM. Champion of the 1 year fillies with a gold medal in 2017 in Gesves. Tested by Labogena EE Aa

NOUMEA LP born on 29/04/2017, out of Vanille de Massa and Maestro JGB

Ofensor LP born on 19/05/2018, out of Camurça CSM and Diamante Negro do Juliana. Gold medalist in 2019 and champion of males at the International Championship in Gesves. SOLD

Orfée LP born on 14/06/2018, out of Jamaica des Corbeaux and Vencedor do Retiro. Best foal under the mare in 2018 at the International Championship

Piri-Piri LP born on 06/05/2019, out of Camurça CSM and Vencedor do Retiro. 

Prodigio LP born on 17/05/2019, out of Vanille de Massa and Indigo LBA. 

Expected foals in 2020:

- Camurça CSM x Escorial

- Vanille de Massa x Jasmim Plus

- June des Corbeaux x Luxor da Sernadinha

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